Since 1953 we have been developing, producing and selling high-quality various plastic bins, stacking bins, transport bins and plastic pallets. Thanks to our years of experience, you are assured of qualitative well thought-out systems that meet strict standards and requirements.

The production of the extensive NORAH program is largely fully computer controlled and is manufactured on the most sophisticated injection molding machines of the moment. This means that innovations and innovations can be implemented quickly and silently. In this way we assure all our customers of a fixed high quality. In the production of plastic containers with the food symbol, only 1A-new plastic material is used. For typical needs or special applications, we use sophisticated raw materials that take into account temperature stability, strength, impact resistance, cleaning needs.


Kunststof bakken en plastic pallets

Most products are tailored to the Euro format, a size of the AET Transport sector. Account was always taken of national and international standards within the logistics sector. All offered sizes are compatible with the usual pallet sizes. Our bins are extremely stable, resistance-resistant and extremely light. With detailed design solutions and functional accessories, specific branch needs are fulfilled. You obtain the products directly from the producer and therefore with exceptionally favorable prices. Individual requirements such as logo, color printing or other product modifications can be integrated into the production process on request.


In addition to conventional products, we offer a wide range of customer-oriented transport and storage products that are tailored to the needs of the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is going on in a specific sector, thereby assuring a sustainable product that fits perfectly within an organization. The focus is on the use of typ-specific, impeccable materials. Only when products with regard to the purpose are perfectly attuned to temperature stability, load bearing capacity, impact resistance and many other properties can a correspondingly high quality and long service life be guaranteed. Convince yourself of our wide range of high quality products at competitive prices - whether it concerns individual or large orders, small businesses or large groups


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