Stackable containers closed version

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Stackable containers closed version


Stacking containers and Euro crates in a closed version are stable stackable; made from first class PP-Polypropylene or PE-Polyethylene plastics; therefore very suitable for food and non food applications. This high quality material set the standard in the entire packaging-, transport and storage industrie. There where plastic containers for transport, storage and production process, food or medications productions plays an prevail role.

Thanks to their clever design the stacking crates have a greater volume capacity due to their straight sides. Available in all popular Euro
dimensions (European standard size) 30 x 20 cm, 40 x 30 cm, 60 x 40 cm and 80 x 60 cm. Standard and modified product or custom made
for you. The plastic crates in Euro dimensions are available in various designs and sizes, they are physiologically comfortable and 100%
recyclable and therefore good for the environment. Our plastic crates for transport and storage are an effective chain links of a smooth logistics.
Be it the excellent carrying capacity, reliable safety during transport and storage, or the high impact strength of the material. Compatible with
our other Euro size stacking containers, boxes, trays and cases, plastic pallets, roll cages and dollies. Suitable for daily use in the: industry, food
industry, grocery stores and commercial sector.

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