Food containers & food storage boxes hygienic design


Our Food containers and Food storage boxes; the best choice for heavy manufacturing processes; preparation, storage, transportation and packaging. Suited for universal use and has been raising the industry standard in the marketplace for many years. Suitable for highly hygienic applications such as: HACCP, NF and BRC certified Food factories, Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics companies.

Food Contact Approved: developed in a user friendly design for: 
everyday intensive rotation, use and easy handling, without rims, seams, cracks or small openings where residues can be left behind.
The smooth bottom-, sidewalls and reduction of construction ribs enable fast-, quick cleaning or disinfecting the boxes. They are
manufactured from virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) food-grade material, and are used in a wide range of industries. A shock
and impact resistant material which is: freezer suitable, odorless, tasteless in a durable execution: ;which ensures a long lifetime. The
boxes meet the strictly modern contemporary quality standards as: HACCP, BRC and NF regulations. On request a certificate declaration
of conformity are given in accordance with the standard EU1935 / 2004 and EU 10/2011 Regulations.

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