Euro stacking containers for food production & handling


Euro stacking production containers for food production and handling: „The best choice for use in food industries and wherever highly hygienic applications such as: HACCP, NF and BRC certified and fast cleaning is a top priority.

Our production containers the perfectionists in the food industry
and anywhere where hygiene, fast cleaning and durability are
of key importance. Due to its round container geometry this system
has several clear advantages. Fast and simple to clean, no dirt traps, are crevice free and easy to carry. The containers correspond
to European pallet dimensions and therefore suitable for transportation and warehouses. They are manufactured from virgin HDPE
(High Density Polyethylene) food-grade material, and are used in a wide range of industries. A shock and impact resistant material
which is: freezer suitable, odorless, tasteless in a durable execution: which ensures a long lifetime. The containers meet the strictly
modern contemporary quality standards on request a certificate declaration of conformity are given in accordance with the standard
EU1935 / 2004 and EU 10/2011 Regulations. We are delighted to implement tailored customer solutions on request.

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