Manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging systems for storage and transport applications. Plastic crates, containers, plastic pallets or storage bins either for food and non food industries but also for grocery stores, retail stores, catering companies, wholesalers, hospitals, hotels and so on... We offer a wide and varied program and 50 years of experience, therefore you are assured that our products meet the contemporary strict European standards. 

Our packaging-, storage and transport containers are adapted exactly to the needs of modern transport. National and international standards for
modern logistics were taken into consideration in the development stage. The dimensions offered are compatible with customary pallet sizes.
Our plastic containers, pallets and storage bins are extremely robust – and at the same time surprisingly light! With thought-out detailed solutions
and functional accessories they fulfil the varied demands of a vast number of industries.

Our products are suitable for intensive daily use of storage, transport, distribution, automated production, pool systems and food production.
The products are used by a variety of companies and this for over many years  It is our pleasure to advise you with our 50 years experience;
regarding your transport requirements and offer you solutions – including custom-made products, if required.

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